11 Outdoor Living Space Ideas You’ll Want Right Now

Your Neighbors In Springfield, Missouri Are Enhancing Their Backyard Experience With These Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Do you ever look out over your backyard and wish it was something more than just grass and plants? Or want to add more to it, but aren’t sure what? Then it’s time to use some of these ideas to create a backyard that fits your needs.

In this post, you can find several popular ideas people are using for their outdoor living area.

Outdoor living space ideas like a solid roof structure with lighting, fire pit, and furniture on a patio

Incredible Outdoor Living Space Ideas

1. Ponds, pools, and more

You’ll be spoiling yourself if you get a water feature.

Ponds, pondless streams, and fountains are beautiful and unique focal points. People find themselves gathering around them to talk with friends and family. You can relax on your patio or deck as you listen to the calming sound of flowing water. Combine two or more water feature ideas and you’ll get a truly wonderful look for your outdoor area.

Or, you may want a pool or hot tub. Pools are great for cooling down during the hot summer months while hot tubs are great for the chillier ones.

2. Fire features help add some heat

You can add some heat and a focal point to your outdoor space with a fireplace or fire pit.

There’s nothing better to gather around to share stories, drink a warm beverage, and enjoy the company of the people you love. Fire features are one of the best outdoor living space ideas for creating a warm and loving atmosphere.

3. Lighting to extend usage hours

You’ll be extending the amount of time you can use your backyard while making it look amazing.

Run string lights through your pergola or over your patio, put garden lights by your favorite plants, or use one of many other ideas. Add some citronella torches to help keep away bugs and you can eat dinner outdoors in peace!

4. Pergolas for shade and creativity

Pergolas help block some sunlight and give you a chance to be creative with its decoration.

You can string lights through it, grow ivy up it, add curtains for some privacy, and other fun ideas. If you like being creative, this could be your favorite of all the outdoor living space ideas on this list.

5. Solid roof structures for more shade

You can get complete shade with a solid roof structure like a pavilion.

If you want to make it even cooler, you can install a fan to get some air circulation. Add some lights and you can enjoy it at night, too. You can even bring some of your inside outside and mount a television on a wall or fireplace that’s under your structure.

6. Outdoor kitchens so you don’t have to leave the party

Outdoor kitchens are a high-end addition to outdoor living areas.

Instead of cooking inside while everyone else is outside enjoying each other’s company, you can be right in the middle of it! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to cook in peace. You also won’t have to worry about setting off the smoke alarm, smelling up your home, or damaging your cabinets.

7. Outdoor furniture is a must

It’s hard to enjoy an outdoor area if there’s nowhere to sit and relax.

Wicker and waterproof furniture are some of the most common outdoor living space ideas people use. Include a table, a couch or two, and a few other furniture pieces, and you’ll have a wonderful area where you can enjoy the outdoors.

 8. Electronics can bring the inside outside

You can take your outdoor room to the next level!

Some people add television and surround sound to their area. You’ll be enjoying more of the inside comforts while also enjoying being in nature. It’s a great way to make it feel more like a room in your home.

9. Playsets are great for the kids

Whether they’re your kids or grandkids, every child loves playsets.

You can help entertain any kids in your family or friend group with a playset. Seeing their happy faces as they run towards it is the best return on investment.

10. Outdoor rugs for additional comfort

People love outdoor living space ideas that make their space more comfortable.

You don’t have to worry about outdoor rugs fading or wearing down quickly. People design them specifically so this doesn’t happen! Moisture goes right through them and their durability keeps them from damaging easily.

11. Warm, rustic colors with a pop of pastel

Choosing a color palette can be the most challenging part to move past.

Rustic, warm, and earthy colors tend to do well outside. They help soften the look, they blend in well with the nature around them, and the natural wear-and-tear from being outdoors can enhance their look.

Pastels are happy colors that match well with earthy tones. This makes them great for breaking up any color uniformity. They also look fantastic year-round.

Use These Outdoor Living Space Ideas To Transform Or Complete Your Backyard

You can make your backyard the envy of your neighbors by using these ideas. It could even be what starts a trend in your neighborhood!

Don’t wait to be a trendsetter; contact us right now and start your project. You can also look at our outdoor living space page for more information.