13 Fun Ideas for Covered Outdoor Living Spaces You Can Try!

If you have some outdoor space, you definitely want to put it to use in the best way possible. With the right landscaping ideas and decorating treatments, you can transform the space into a unique environment to unwind.

These ideas for covered outdoor living spaces below should give you ideas on how to create an alluring outdoor area that will help you take full advantage of the warm weather.

While we don’t provide most of these covered structures at Classic Home Concepts, it’s still fun to see the various options that people like!

1.    The Mediterranean Villa

The Mediterranean villa design represents one of the best ways to bring the tropics into your backyard. A covered patio built with a rustic brown theme will give you that North-African vibe.

Embellishments like Egyptian-style lanterns, brown, red, or turquoise furniture, and shades in multiple colors will complement the style. Throw in some mustard-yellow ceramic stools and a raffia dining table to round out the design. The stools can serve as tables on occasions.

2.    The Roman Age Extension

What do you remember when you think about the age of the Roman Empire? Colosseums, statues, and pillars come to mind first! You can bring this look to your backyard by building a covered patio featuring nicely designed pillars and plenty of subtle architectural details.

Arches and columns around the patio will give a relaxing view of your surroundings. A good tip is to paint the columns and arches the same color as your house for a uniform but captivating appearance.

3.    The 4-Season Room Design

This is also known as the sunroom! If you live in a contemporary home, retain that same look and feel when designing your covered outdoor living spaces. Build a room with windows on all three sides for a seamless indoor-to-outdoor experience.

With the right lighting scheme, the space will look even more magnificent in low-light conditions. Be sure to install draperies you can pull down when you need some privacy.

4.    The Beach Design

Do you already have an elaborate water feature in your backyard? You can construct a pseudo-beach outdoor living room to complete the look. A wooden pergola, gravel surface, and white outdoor furniture are the key ingredients you need to complete this look.

You may also add a fire pit in the center to make nighttime relaxation even more fun.

5.    Horizontal Flat Design

You can’t go wrong with a flat outdoor space design. A flat patio roof and low-slung outdoor furniture will give you the perfect horizontal look. Spice up the space with some real or faux vegetation and a water feature to complete the relaxed atmosphere.

6.    Outdoor Lounge Area Design

How do you feel about hanging inside, but looking at the sky above and the area around you? That’s the whole idea of the outdoor lounge area design. You’ll need space for chairs, a couch, and maybe even a dog bed!

The covered roof can feature a large skylight in the center to keep the space open.

For the flooring, choose between wood and floor tiles. This room acts as the perfect place to “lounge” around, just as the name suggests!

7.    The Multi Outdoor Rooms Design

The separate-but-connected aesthetic is one of the best ideas for covered outdoor living spaces if you have the room. 

You can create multiple outdoor rooms joined by pathways complete with a pergola and comfortable seating. Alternatively, you can create a mini house outdoors with a living room, dining space with a fire pit, and a game room. Use the same colors and materials for all the spaces to create a uniform look.

8.    Wide Outdoor Family Space

Consider a plain garage-like approach if you want a simple design for your outdoor family space. Add some comfortable furniture for naps and relaxation on one side and use the front area as the dining and play area for the kids. A koi pond in front of the space will round off the look nicely.

9.    The Autonomous Outdoor Space

In countryside properties with large open spaces, it’s easy to build a home away from home for your outdoor relaxation. The autonomous outdoor space should collect water, process waste, generate electricity, store food, and more, all on its own.

This significant home improvement project can make the summer months infinitely more interesting. You can camp out in the outdoor space for hours without returning to your home.

10.  The Asian Bungalow

Do you admire the wooden bungalows in rural Japan and China? It’s easy to replicate them in your outdoor space. Create a patio with an oriental roof design and wide wooden sliding doors on all four sides. The combination of stonework and raw timber in these constructions gives a timeless feel.

For a more authentic appearance, write some maxims in Chinese or Japanese along the walls and just above the front side of the roof. You can also put yoga mats in the dining areas instead of adding chairs and tables.

11. The Antique Bougainvillea Design

Bougainvillea, a magnificent creeping plant, can add color to any yard.

A covered outdoor living space with the plant lining the roof and walls offers a picture-perfect design better witnessed than imagined. Make the space even warmer by adding chocolate brown cushions and area rugs.

12. The Modern x Natural Combo

Stone outdoor kitchen cabinets

Do you have a nice forest-landscape backdrop outdoors? You can create a modern covered outdoor living space with stone flooring and wood ceilings to bring some mystery to your yard. Go for an “outdoorsy” feel to really add a unique touch to your home.

13. The Outdoor Bar and Game Room Design

Think about putting a mini man cave outdoors with a covered backyard patio featuring a television, comfortable cushions, a pool table, and an outdoor bar. What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon than enjoying a drink while playing pool?

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