All About Decks

All About Decks —part one

Have you been thinking of adding or even replacing an existing deck in your outdoor space? Look no further, in this series I am going to share information with you so you know all about decks. I will cover everything from a decks purpose all the way down to the material options of decking.

The Decks Purpose

Versatile treated lumber deck with windscreen and pergola.

       So by now most people know why they want a deck. What’s your decks purpose going to be? For some, a deck is a great space for entertaining, possibly adding a pergola or a wind screen can be a great feature to add a little more to your deck. Others use a deck for a specific need, for instance a surrounding of an above ground pool area. In this instance the purpose could go from lounging or even more importantly safety for pets and children. No matter the purpose of a deck we want to make sure the functionality serves your purpose.

Decking Materials

                Secondly you need to know the budget for building a deck which will lead you to different materials that are available. When comparing composite decking to wood, composite requires less stringent maintenance than wood since most composite deck boards have a core composed of a blend of wood and synthetics. This core is surrounded by a synthetic coating that prevents moisture and insects from creeping in and compromising the integrity of your deck. On the flipside, wood decking can be far more vulnerable to the elements and insects, as well as absorb more moisture because it’s an all-natural material. Traditional decking would be treated lumber that can later be stained to a color to fit your needs. Treated decking has been around for nearly 70 years. Treated lumber is usually pine that has been chemically treated to resist rot, decay and termites.

Large two-toned composite deck on colonial style house.

Add-ons for Decks

                After you have discovered the deck’s purpose and you have chosen the material there are many additional features to consider when adding a deck to your outdoor living space. Some features include, a drink rail, a nice space to add drinks or cups on a wider railing. We could also add deck lighting that will create a mood after dark but will also help with functionality of entertaining when the sun goes down. Built-ins are also a nice addition to any deck, built in seating, flower boxes, storage spaces etc. are great options.

If you would like to inquire about more information or get started on an estimate for a future deck, click here. The important things to remember when building a deck is to find a contractor that is licensed and insured, one that uses quality materials and knows building codes. There are many great tips and tricks here to find where to start with hiring a contractor.