This Is How Much It Costs To Buy And Install A Door For Your Home

This Is How Much People In Christian County And Greene County, Missouri Are Investing In Completing The Look Of Their Home

This is a question clients ask us quite a bit. That’s why we’re putting it out here for you to find- so you can find out before getting sticker shock when someone tells you!

In this post, you can find out the cost of doors and how much they can cost to install. You can also discover the main reasons the cost can change.

The Last Decision

“We just need to decide on a door for our basement renovation,” says Amanda.

Chris laughs, clapping his hands. “Awesome, I can’t believe it’s almost done!” Amanda huffs a short laugh. “Yeah, almost. We still need to find out how much a door costs and how much it costs to install a door.”

Chris sighs. “Yeah, you’re right. But, man, it’ll be totally worth it when we have an awesome new basement!” Amanda smiles. “I can’t wait either. But, for now, let’s look up some door prices.”

Amanda picks her phone up and starts searching through Google.

Here’s what she finds and shares with Chris:

How Much It Costs To Install A Door

The cost to install a door ranges from $2,500 to $6,000 and higher. It changes based if you’re having us install or replace a door, the material, the size, modifications, accessories, and if we find any damages around the frame.

More Specific Door Costs

  • Vinyl, entry-level sliding doors start at $2,500
  • Basic wood doors start at $4,500
  • 3 panel, 4 panel, and French doors start at $6,000

The Main Factors That Change Door Costs

Installing or replacing. Installing a new door takes more tools, labor, time, and a different process. We need to cut a hole for it, install weather stripping, hinges, and more. Replacing one door with another of a different size is also more complicated. Replacing doors of similar sizes is much simpler.

Material. The materials you choose can change how much a door costs. Vinyl doors are cheaper than wood doors. You can also have different types of wood that have different costs as well.

Size. It takes more time, labor, and materials to craft larger doors. They’re also harder to transport and install due to their size. Smaller doors take less time, labor, and materials, plus they’re easier to transport.

Modifications. You can make some cool modifications to your doors. You can make it a sliding barn door, have an accordion close, and more. It does add to labor and time, plus it makes the door more custom. This adds to door prices.

Accessories. You can add to your door too! Some popular additions are having glass panels and putting blinds between the glass panels.

Damages. If we see any damages to or inside of the door frame we’ll stop and contact you to talk about what you’d like to do. Fixing them will up the cost but also increase the life expectancy and efficiency.

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“So now we just need to choose what kind of door we want. It’s an exterior door, and maybe an interior door or two, right?” asks Chris. Amanda nods. “Yes to both of those. Let’s see if this blog has anything more on doors. It could help us make a decision.”