Designing Your Outdoor Space

Have you been thinking of designing your outdoor space? Do you have Pinterest inspiration boards? Do you scroll Facebook and see backyards you love? Then this post is for you. There are many styles and ways to design your outdoor space considering style, purpose, and budget.

The Design Phase

One thing we, Classic Home Concepts does that many contractors don’t do is enter a “design phase”. During this phase CHC will give you full 3D renderings and floor plans before you ever sign a contract. We don’t want you to be pressured into a commitment without knowing you are going to fall in love with your outdoor space. Our designers are educated to design your space to meet all your inspiration expectations. By doing this you will have an actual estimate of how much your renovation will cost and know what it will look like.

3D rendering of sunroom and deck addition

The Purpose

When our designer is gathering details to layout your space the biggest question, they need answered is what the purpose of the renovation is. Do you need a poolside paradise or maybe a quiet fire side space to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine, either way it can be designed? Sometimes the backyard is to serve multiple purposes. You can take the family gatherings out of the kitchen and enjoy nature and the fresh air while still cooking your favorite dishes. The outdoor kitchen can also be separated from the kids’ zone to fully serve each member of your family.

Indoor rendering to show a client how to utilize this space before adding furniture.

The cost

In almost every job we do the cost is a factor. We are implementing sales tools to allow you to gather cost information without ever speaking to us. Our sales team is also great at ballparks and estimates to let you know what would fit in your budget. At CHC we hear too often that a contractor gets a person’s budget and always prices higher than the budget. We don’t want you to feel pressured to paying for something more than what you have budgeted. We also do everything we can to maximize the space within the budget. Get in touch with someone from our sales team today to learn what we can do to design and serve your outdoor space.