Hire the Right Contractor

Images of work completed by a contractor you hire.

What should you consider before you hire a contractor?

Some contractors, like Classic Home Concepts, have their own design team. You should come up with some inspiration ideas. Places like Pinterest are helpful in getting inspiration and being able to share with a designer what your hopes are. Hiring a contractor that can show you 3D renderings will be able to ensure that your vision matches with our building process. It also helps minimize confusion and miscommunication about meeting your wants.

Things your contractor should handle for you.

You obviously want to make sure you are hiring a contractor with some experience in building outdoor spaces. Many contractors will have a portfolio of jobs they have completed before. Click here to see the work CHC has done before. Your contractor should know building codes for the location you are building a deck and should obtain all permits and licenses required. Many contractors will contact public utilities and have underground lines marked.

Things to learn from your contractor

Knowing a contractors payment schedule and the amount of a deposit are important. A contractor should have a written contract that explains this in detail. Your contractor should also be able to show proof of insurance and will have a written change order form available if something unforeseen is discovered.

Getting an estimate from a contractor

Estimates should be written with a detailed scope of work covering all work that will be done. CHC will also provide a rendering of the deck project that would be completed. A time frame should be given for the length of time to complete project and also a lead time on when work could begin. To gain an estimate from CHC click here and get a quote.

Red flags when hiring a contractor

A contractor should never require you to pay all the money up front. You also do not want to hire a contractor that pressures you for an immediate commitment. Contractors should not be asking you, the client to obtain permits. If a contractor cannot provide proof of insurance or is not licensed that is a big red flag. Ultimately a contractor should be proud of the work they do and should want to show you a portfolio of work that they have completed. Also be sure to check a businesses reviews before making a commitment.