Horizontal Deck Railing Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

These are a few of the deck railing ideas your neighbors in Springfield, Missouri, and the surrounding areas are choosing to enhance their homes. 

Deck with wooden and metal railing

In this article, you can find various deck railing ideas for materials, unique deck railing styles, helpful deck railing tips, and more.

The Best Deck Railing Materials to Enhance Your Home’s Appearance

Metal Railing

Metal railings are lightweight, versatile, and resistant to corrosion and rust. In addition, metal railings require no maintenance, perfect for homeowners looking for easy management and longevity from their deck railings. Metal railings can match several residential home styles, including Craftsman, Tudor, and ranch-style architecture.

Cable Railing

Cable deck railing ideas

Cable railings are created with stainless steel and come in various post sizes and designs to create an aesthetic that matches your home. You can choose either a vertical or horizontal cable railing to fit your property’s architecture. A cable railing is usually a great match for contemporary and ranch-style homes.

Composite Railing

Composite railings are made with recycled and PVC materials, making this contemporary style low maintenance and resistant to rot, stains, and pests. You can typically find composite railings on Tudor and Craftsman-style homes.

Glass Railing

Glass railings use full panel glass to provide an open view of the property and utilize a baluster look for blending your deck with nature. Glass railings are very popular in modern and contemporary homes as they add a futuristic appearance. However, you can also use glass railings to create a unique look for an older Colonial-style home.

Vinyl Railing

Deck with white vinyl railing

Over the past few years, this deck railing style has grown to include a variety of designs and colors to match your home. You can accent your home with elegant balusters and create a prestigious look at a low price with vinyl railings. You’ll typically see vinyl railings in Colonial, Victorian, and Cape Cod-style architecture.

Wood Deck Railing

This deck railing style combines the traditional look of wood posts with aluminum balusters to create an organic and elegant look. With wood deck railings, you can blend the aesthetics of your deck with your railings to create a seamless visual.

Finding a Deck Rail Design to Match Your Home’s Style

If you’re thinking about renovating your deck or porch railings, there are many styles and materials to consider. 

Of course, not every style is suitable for your home’s aesthetic, so you’ll need to keep that in mind when creating a deck railing design. 

Using a vinyl railing to create a Victorian-style accent may be best if you have an older home. However, if you have a more contemporary home, glass or cable railing will be more suitable to match your home’s overall look.

Creative Deck Railing Ideas to Change Your Springfield Property

Light wooden deck railing

With various materials and styles to choose from, you can create a wide range of railing design combinations to add a unique and personal touch to your home. 

For example, you can add stained glass for added color and texture for glass railings. Then, when the sun reflects through those panels, the railing can turn your deck into a visually impressive masterpiece. 

Here are a few other creative combinations you can consider to make your traditional or contemporary home stand out.

Pillar Lighting

With this style, you can use metal railings and add illuminated wooden pillars to create a soft and warm ambiance for your deck railing design.

Criss-Cross Wire

You can combine wire fencing with a wooden or vinyl crisscrossed pattern to provide a modern aesthetic with a traditional feel.

Horizontal Stack

The combination of industrial rods and stacked wood railing are perfect for creating a sleek design that highlights the sharp corners of modern architecture seen in art deco homes.

Rustic Hog Wire

Using wood deck railing and black hog wire, you can create a warm and rustic farmhouse appearance that’s perfect for log cabins and lake houses.

Beachy Plexiglass

Glass deck railing

Adding a traditional wood frame with plexiglass panels can create a uniquely modern look that’s great for beach houses or other tropical real estate.

Custom Wood Railings

You can always have custom designs and styles carved into your wood panels and posts to create an incredibly unique look. Shapes like moons, stars, and even tree branches can instantly add an alluring appearance that will attract your guests’ attention.

Plant Toppers

You can customize your existing railing with matching planters so you can plant flowers or grow fruits and vegetables. Adding planters to a deck railing is a perfect alternative for homeowners whose yards are too small for a sizable garden. In addition, it can visually match and enhance the landscape of your yard.

3 Common Deck Railing Mistakes Springfield Homeowners Should Avoid

With so many deck railing ideas out there, it’s important to avoid the following mishaps when choosing your perfect railings.

Purchasing High Maintenance Materials

Certain materials like natural wood will require a certain level of maintenance to keep their luster preserved. If you’re not sure you can make that commitment, it may be wiser to pick material that won’t need monitoring and maintenance every season.

Choosing Pricey Materials Over Quality

Although real wood provides an inviting and natural look to your home, it is also an expensive material that will peel and rot eventually. If you want your deck railing to last, it’s better to find alternatives such as PVC material that are cheaper and help you avoid those issues.

Installing the Railing at the Wrong Height

You don’t want to make your deck railing too high, as it can affect your home’s architecture. Before starting the project, check your town’s building code requirements for railing height to avoid receiving a violation and needing to rebuild.

Choosing the Right Deck Railing Design to Fit Your Home

When you find a deck railing style that fits your property, it adds an attractive accent that can beautifully enhance your home’s overall aesthetic. All you need to do is find the best materials to match your home and get started! 

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