House Siding Replacement Costs Per Square Foot And As Ranges

These Are The Two Main Siding Options People In And Around Green County Are Choosing For Their Homes

In this post, you can discover the cost to replace your house siding with fiber cement siding (aka Hardie plank siding) and vinyl siding. You’ll see it as cost ranges and cost per square foot. You’ll also find out the 3 main causes for price changes. 

What’s Wrong With Our Curb Appeal?

“Um, maybe the fact that our siding is causing it to slide!” huffs Chris.

Amanda cocks her head in curiosity. “How so? Is it bad enough that we need to look at house siding replacement costs?”

Chris sighs and nods. “Yep. Looks like weather and age have finally gotten to it. Now it looks…old. I can definitely see the quality drop whenever I drive by.” Amanda picks her phone up off the counter. “Then let’s lookup house siding prices. It’d be nice to have an idea of what we might be in for.”

Chris nods. “Hopefully we can find the info on one of the local siding contractor’s websites. I don’t like relying on those big sites like Home Advisor.” Amanda smiles. “Looks like we’re in luck!”

Here’s what the couple finds:

Fiber Cement House Siding Costs

Basic siding replacement can run between $10,350 to $11,500. Average siding replacement using high-quality prefinished James Hardie siding panels are usually between $23,000 and $27,600. Full custom siding replacement with primed James Hardie siding panels in different textures, colors, and shapes starts at $34,500.

House siding replacement costs are $10 per square foot for fiber cement.

*These house siding prices include material inflation (excluding per square foot).

Vinyl House Siding Costs

Basic siding replacement can be $6,210 to $6,900. Average siding replacement is usually between $13,800 and $16,560. High-end siding replacement typically starts at $20,700.

House siding replacement costs are $5.80 per square foot for vinyl.

*These house siding prices include material inflation (excluding per square foot).

The prices for vinyl siding seem to be changing weekly. Quotes are really only good until the end of the day on Friday.

The 3 Main Reasons Siding Replacement Costs Change

1. Type of siding on the house. For this, it depends on if you need to take the current siding off of the house and what the cleanup is like. For example, you can put new siding over T1-11 siding. This makes it easier and less costly. Others need to be taken off first. Some siding can create a bigger mess to clean up. This means more time and labor for one. It also means having to rent a dumpster and other cleanup essentials. We don’t want to leave your yard dirty!

2. Style of siding. From least to most expensive to install, it goes lap siding, board and batten, and shake siding styles. The main reason is how much waste there is. Shake siding has a lot of waste (about 20% more than the others). This means you need to buy more of it to finish your project.

3. Prefinish or paint on site. Prefinished means your siding comes painted. Paint on site means we paint it for you right there. Prefinished is slightly less expensive because within 20 feet you’ll start seeing slight irregularities. This includes paint flaws, nail heads, and others. Painting on site is more expensive but it’ll look like it came out of an HGTV magazine.

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“Worth it to get our curb appeal back to its normal level. It’s getting embarrassing now,” says Chris. Amanda makes a face. “Well, before we commit, let’s see what else we can find out about replacing house siding.”

More siding replacement posts coming soon!