How To Replace Your Exterior House Windows In 9 Easy To Follow Steps

This Is How We Replace House Windows For Our Clients In Christian County And Greene County, Missouri

We don’t just show up and Spartan kick your window out (though that would be pretty cool). There’s a whole process we use to replace house windows that’s efficient and works very well.

In this post, you can find out our process for replacing house windows. You can also find out some of what can change the cost and timeline.

Just Need My Kicking Boots

“Ever since that movie you’ve been wanting to kick everything,” sighs Amanda.

“Duh, did you not see how awesome that kicking scene was?! And what better time than when replacing house windows?” laughs Chris.

Amanda chuckles and shakes her head. “Listen, if the contractor team says you can do it then make your dreams come true hon. In the meantime, let’s find out how to replace windows. I want to know what’ll be happening to our home.”

Chris nods and gets his phone out to start looking. “I get it. I’m sure a local contractor has something on their website that says how they do it. That’s how we found the cost for vinyl and wood windows.” The couple gets to searching Google.

Here’s what they find:

How To Replace House Windows
  1. Measure the window space
  2. Remove the old window
  3. Make sure the area the window sits in has no damages
  4. Adjust the window frame to fit the new window if necessary
  5. Fit the new window into the frame
  6. Screw the window into place
  7. Wrap the window with window wrap to keep out moisture
  8. Insulate the window
  9. Replace the trim and casing if necessary

Extra Info On These Steps

When removing the window be sure to get the casing, trim, and sill plate.

After removal, you’ll want to make sure the headers and studs are even. You may have to add boards to the frame so the new window will fit. Be sure to allow about a quarter-inch gap for any future adjustments and insulation.

Window adjustments can include moving screws and adding shims. 

When wrapping, it’s best to have it overlap. It needs to be as flat and smooth as possible so it can better keep moisture out.

You can use an expanding foam sealant to insulate your window. It’s best to use it between the casing and the actual window. Use painter’s tape on the edges of the window to protect it. Once the foam dries you can scrape it off. You don’t want to use too much, less is more here.

What Can Change The Cost Or Timeline To Replace House Windows

Damages. If we see damages before or during the process of replacing your house windows, we’ll contact you and talk about our next steps. Fixing damages lengthens the lifespan of your windows and frame.

Weather. Replacing windows in the rain or snow isn’t a good idea. The moisture can get into your home and the wood, causing a mess and damage. Plus, it’s hard to work outside in bad weather.

Frame change. If you want a bigger or smaller window, or change it to a door, we’ll need to change the size of the frame. This is a whole other process we would need to do.

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“So that’s how they do it. Almost seems like we could DIY it,” says Chris. Amanda nods. “Yeah, except we have a lot of windows and not a lot of time. Or energy, I just don’t want to do it,’ she says. Chris nods in agreement. “Let’s see what else this blog has that we might want to know.”