Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets You’ll Love For Your Backyard Space

These Are The Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Your Neighbors In Springfield, Missouri, And Surrounding Areas, Are Choosing For Their Backyard Space

Metal outdoor kitchen cabinets

In this post, you can discover the different kinds of outdoor cabinets, the protection you want them to have, what to consider when choosing them, the best materials to choose, and more.

The 3 Kinds Of Cabinets For Outdoor Storage

Utility cabinets

These kinds of cabinets are for storing cookware, cleaning supplies, drinks, trash cans, and other smaller items. You can also have a sink built into the top.

Appliance cabinets

You’ll find these cabinets underneath the grilling area of your outdoor kitchen.

They can store gas for running the stove, dishes, cups, and similar items to what you can put in the utility cabinets.

Storage cabinets

These outdoor storage cabinets are more like the ones you’ll find in your inside kitchen.

You can store the same items you’ll have in your indoor kitchen here.

What Protection Do Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Need?

You’ll want the material and finish to be weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and have all-season covers. Then you won’t have to worry about if they’ll make it through heat, rain, snow, and whatever weather your area has.

What To Consider When Choosing A Material


Your outdoor cabinets need to be tough, even if they are under a covered area.

They’ll still need to stand up to the heat, cold, rain, snow, and sun exposure. You’ll also notice the natural wear and tear that comes with using them. 


PVC or wood outdoor kitchen cabinets

You want your outdoor kitchen cabinets to match the rest of your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are a luxury item, and the cabinets need to reflect this while also matching the overall appearance.

Construction quality

This goes beyond the cabinet doors and boxes.

You’ll want the hinges, knobs, pulls, rollers, and other details to be durable as well. If they give out, you won’t have as good of a time with your outdoor kitchen.

Maintenance amount

You don’t want to have a hard time cleaning or maintaining your outdoor kitchen.

Your cabinets should be easy to clean and not need regular major maintenance. As long as you use one of the 5 following materials, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

The 5 Best Materials For Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

1. Stainless steel

You’ll love the durability and modern look of these outdoor storage cabinets.

The best ones are corrosion-resistant, have powder-coated finishes, have a thickness in the 16 to 20 gauge range, and have strong frames with welded corners.

You want to go for the powder-coated finish cabinets. This finish allows you to use many different decorative finishes such as colors, patterns, and even mimic wood.

2. Aluminum alloy

One big plus of aluminum is that it’s naturally corrosion-resistant.

They come with the same benefits as steel while being a bit lighter. You can also powder coat it, which offers a broader range of design choices.

3. Masonry outdoor kitchen cabinets

Stone outdoor kitchen cabinets

These cabinets usually have a metal or concrete frame with a decorative veneer.

This helps keep costs down. An entirely stone, stucco, or brick outdoor kitchen will blow through most budgets.

This style has a more natural look that blends in well with backyards. You can also choose a style to match your patio or house exterior.

The downsides are that they can take longer to design, are costly to install, and can be hard to accessorize.

4. PVC and resin

If you go with this material, don’t go cheap.

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a durable plastic people use in the same way they do marine aluminum. It’s only recently made its way into outdoor kitchens.

High-class PVC and resin outdoor kitchen cabinets are weatherproof, don’t rust or stain, and are easy to maintain and clean. You can just use a hose to rinse them off! They come in several designs, such as natural wood.

You’ll see color fading from the sun and warping from extreme temperature changes with the cheaper ones.

5. Wood

While it may not be the best material for outdoor storage cabinets, it’s a look some people can’t resist.

Wood cabinets give kitchens a warm, welcoming feel. If you use a more weather-resistant wood like white oak or mahogany, you’ll be in a much better spot. You’ll need to preserve them with seals, oils, and stains.

Choose The Right Cabinets For Your Outdoor Kitchen

When you have the best cabinets, the rest of your outdoor area comes together more nicely. Now you just need to find the look that matches your style!

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