The Different Types of Landscape Lighting 

Beautiful landscape lit with different types of landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the most popular forms of home décor and outdoor living space ideas. With various styles and options, it can be hard to decide which landscape lighting is best for your needs.

Choosing the appropriate landscape lighting can transform your home’s appearance and improve its curb appeal. While there are a few general types of landscape lighting, different parts of your landscape can require a different type of light.

Below, we will outline the different types of landscape lighting available to Springfield, Missouri, homeowners.

*Landscape lighting services are only available as a part of our outdoor living space projects

Types of Outdoor Lights 

Path Lights 

Pathway lights in small bushes

Path lights are a popular choice for landscape lighting due to their versatility and the many benefits they offer homeowners.

A path light will illuminate part of a path or walkway so you can see what lies ahead. This helps people see where they are stepping and where it’s appropriate to walk. They are perfect for highlighting long staircases, walking trails, and pathways that lead to waterfronts or other darker areas.

These types of outdoor lights can help make paths more visible in low-light conditions. Doing so helps prevent people from walking through plants, across your lawn, and in other areas where you don’t want them to step.

Additionally, a path light will prove helpful if there is an emergency and you must find your way quickly through the night.

Step Lights 

Step lights down into backyard

One of the classiest ways to improve your outdoor living space is with step lights. Step lights increase your home’s curb appeal and help guide your guests up and down your staircases. 

Navigating your way up the stairs can be challenging when you get home late at night. However, with step lights, you can illuminate this path and decrease the chance of an accident. Step lights can also help you avoid black ice that can cause critical injuries if you live in a climate with icy winters.

Many people also install them on their deck steps.


Directional lighting provides a focused beam of light to highlight specific objects or areas in your landscape. This type of lighting is ideal for adding accent detail to architectural features. Directional lighting can also be practical when photographing plants or flowers in close quarters.

Spotlights are the perfect choice for small spaces or areas that do not need a lot of light. They create a bright light ideal for areas where you want to highlight specific features, like sculptures or plants.

Spotlights also come in multiple varieties, including C-shaped spotlights and small PAR cans.


Floodlight over door

Floodlights are among the most common types of landscape lighting, providing several benefits to homeowners. Floodlights can add ambiance to your property by casting a warm glow over your landscape, making it look inviting while adding to the overall feel of security. 

Additionally, floodlights can create a unique backdrop for photos and videos for a backyard photoshoot.

Floodlights are low-maintenance devices and require little electrical input.

Wall Wash Lighting Fixtures 

Wall washing light

Most landscape lighting provides beautification or security in an area. However, wall wash lights offer many benefits beyond these basic needs.

One of the most notable benefits of wall wash lights is their ability to create a dramatic focal point in any landscape. They create an enhanced feeling of intimacy in your outdoor living space by bringing attention to a specific area.

Another advantage of wall wash lights is their flexibility. You can use them for many purposes, making them perfect for residential and commercial settings. 

Depending on your needs, wall wash lights act as general lighting sources, accent lights, or security fixtures. Additionally, they are relatively low-maintenance and often provide long-lasting results.

Whether used as an accent or principal light source, wall wash lights are an excellent choice for improving your outdoor aesthetic.

Deck Lights 

String lights for deck

Deck lighting can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Deck lights invite guests onto your deck and heighten the enjoyment of your outdoor area.

Outdoor lighting can help make your property more visible at night, making it easier for you to navigate a path in the dark. In addition, outdoor lighting deters would-be burglars, scaring them away from your property.

Deck lighting can even help reduce energy costs if you invest in advanced, energy-efficient bulbs. Doing so saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your energy bills. 

Hardscape Lighting 

Hardscape lighting using recessed lights

Consider hardscape lighting if you want less glare on your furniture. This lighting is also helpful if you need a light to penetrate the ground to light up your plants.

Hardscape lights help disperse light, ensuring it does not reflect off surfaces like windows, leaves, and furniture. They reduce glare and make it easier to see what you are doing.

Hardscape lighting is ideal if you want to add an extra illumination layer to your outdoor living space. This lighting type can improve your home’s curb appeal and make it more attractive to homebuyers. 

Well-lit outdoor spaces can make a dramatic difference when it is dark outside. It’s like having a whole new outdoor area! Plus, you can still use it when it gets dark, lengthening the amount of time you have to enjoy it.

Hardscape lighting creates an atmospheric effect that is difficult to replicate using other types of landscape lighting.

Outdoor Living Space Services in Springfield, Missouri 

You can use landscape lighting to create stunning visual effects, ranging from highlights for flowers to brighter areas for trees and plants. You can achieve a striking outdoor area at night with proper landscape lighting.

Our expert team can help you navigate the multiple types of landscape lighting to find the ones that work best for your home exterior. We have experience designing and installing outdoor living spaces and can help you bring the best out of your front and back yards. 

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