What’s your Outdoor Style?

It’s off season for most people’s outdoor spaces, which means it is the perfect time to start designing a new space for next season. For some, finding that design is difficult if you can’t pinpoint which style you desire. 

Is your space used for parties, entertaining, or to whined down in a quiet relaxing space? Take our test below to find out what style fits you best! 

You’re ready to head to the airport for vacation! Where would you pick your destination to be?

1. Colorado- Find me hiking mountains and enjoying nature

2. Vegas- Non stop partying, city night life

3. Florida- Nothing beats the sand between your toes and the waves crashing in 

How do you accessorize your favorite summer outfit?

1. The latest sunglasses

2. Trendy sandals

3. A big straw hat

How would you describe your home?

1. Modern and Classic

2. Multiple styles and full of bright colors 

3. Rustic and cozy

Which activity would you be found doing in the summer?

1. Sunbathing

2. Pool Party

3. Lounging with a good book


Mostly 1’s


Slick and often confused with contemporary. Neutral and earthy colors, elimination of clutter and unnecessary detailing. Clean lines that provide natural light, a sense of balanced comfort. 

Mostly 2’s


Striking and eclectic style. A rich color palette with a combination of bold patterns and materials. Mixing elements and differing in style to be cohesive with the other colors and patterns in the space. 

Mostly 3’s


Natural, rough aged and cozy style. Raw wood and natural light. Neutral paint colors, barn doors, and other rustic elements. Reusing and repurposing materials. 

These aren’t the only styles to set the tone of your outdoor space but they also compliment one another well that if you are still indecisive of different looks we can implement more than one style in the same space. Comment below which style you pulled to most and be sure to click on the link for a quote and 3D renderings to help your visions come alive.