Why Should I Choose Classic Home Concepts?

With so many general contractors to choose from in the Springfield area, it is hard to decide who to hire. As hard as this may be to believe, we only want customers to work with us if we are truly the best fit for them. So rather than a sales pitch, the article that follows describes Classic Home Concepts: who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

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Classic Home Concepts Summed Up

Our company tagline wraps up our essence nicely: Modern Technology – Classic Quality. To expand on that a bit more, we provide our customers with old-school craftsmanship and professionalism while utilizing modern technology and outstanding communication.

Modern Technology

Tablets, cell phones, and project management software revolutionized the way construction companies run. Rather than fall behind, Classic Home Concepts opts to get on board. And the benefits are clear.

The Old Way

Years ago paper and pen were the gold standards. These were the only options for note-taking, writing invoices, and viewing blueprints and specifications. Contractors kept notepads, invoice books, printed blueprints (plans), and product specifications in their work vehicles. Before modern cell phones, communication was extremely difficult. Of course, these methods still work. Many contractors still prefer the old way. But, there is now a better way.

Our Way

Classic Home Concepts issues an iPad to our project managers. We also require all employees to have and use a cell phone. Our time clock, plans and specifications, bids, invoices, payment methods, financing process, and project management system are all digital. Nearly everything we do aside from the actual construction process is done with the push of a button.


The best thing that modern technology brings to Classic Home Concepts and to our customers is our project management software. JobTread is available on all digital devices. The program lets us share documents, photos, and messages with our employees and our customers right away.

So, what does that mean in practice? For one, our project managers and crew leads can access the plans for your project anytime. They don’t have to stop what they are doing to go find the physical copy buried in a mess of paper. At the end of each day, your crew lead takes progress photos and uploads them with a tag that lets you see what was accomplished on your project along with notes and plans for the coming days.

Our project managers also share project schedules and tentative delivery and install dates with clients through JobTread. Overall, JobTread helps us communicate better with each other and our customers while saving time and paper.

Classic Quality

What Does “Classic Quality” Even Mean?

When we talk about classic quality we’re talking about professionalism and true craftsmanship. Once upon a time, construction was seen as a respected and honest trade. A way for folks to put in a good hard day’s work and build with quality and pride. Sadly, over the years that reputation has been tarnished.

The Current Contractor Stereotype

These days, too many contractors show up late looking like they just rolled out of bed (or don’t show up at all). They leave cigarette butts all over the customer’s property and perform sub-par work. Some don’t even respond to calls and texts. Classic Home Concepts aims to end this stereotype by being the opposite. We fall back to the original standard.

How We Embody Classic Quality


Classic Home Concepts has policies in place to make sure classic quality is maintained in our employees as well as our work. On top of company policies, we also have certain employees who make sure our designs are great and our builds are better. First of all, there is our in-house designer and drafter who makes sure our work is designed and drawn right. Then there are our crew leads, pre-project coordinator, and project manager who make sure the project is built according to the plans.

Professional Dress and Behavior

We let our employees take smoke breaks from time to time. However, we forbid smoking on the customer’s property. We have a strict drug-free policy and will not hesitate to search and test an employee if we even suspect that they may be under the influence. Punishment can include termination for the first offense.

We expect our employees to wear a clean Classic Home Concepts tee shirt and jeans or shorts with no rips or tears every day. We expect our crew leads and project managers to be kind and communicate well with customers.


Drafting is the process of making blueprints. We draft plans for every project we do. The field workers and subcontractors then use these plans to build outdoor living spaces that are structurally sound and up to industry standards. Designing is a bit different. Not every project needs a design. However, we recommend the design package for all our projects.

A good design is the difference between a typical deck/sunroom/outdoor kitchen and an amazing deck/et all. On top of that, adding a design lets you really see what you are getting when you hire Classic Home Concepts. For pricing information on design, call us today.

Follow-Through, Organization, and Supervision

Classic Home Concepts employs two types of employees who are responsible for follow-through, organization, and supervision in the field: project managers and crew leads. However, project managers are responsible for the most.

Crew leads are in charge of making sure the projects are built according to the plans. They also assign jobs to the field workers and make sure everything is done right and on time. The crew lead assigned to your project will be there every day to make sure things are going well. Crew leads also let the project manager know when they need more materials or special tools and when changes need to be made.

Project managers are in charge of crew leads and all field workers. They are the main point of contact for customers and are in charge of making sure all projects are done on time. These are the people who order materials, schedule deliveries, and plan out project schedules. The project manager assigned to your project will not be at your project every day, but they will be in touch with the crew lead every day to make sure things are going according to plan.

What if Things Go Wrong?

We would like to say that problems never occur. It would be great if every project went perfectly according to plan. But that’s just not how the world works. The simple fact is that sometimes things go wrong. Accidents happen and mistakes are made.

Furthermore, we like to look at mistakes as opportunities to better ourselves and our company. We are always looking for creative and new solutions and better ways to do things. The important part is not the mess you make, it’s the mess you leave. At Classic Home Concepts we make it our mission to own our mistakes and make them right as soon as possible and as best as we can.

Warranty Work

Classic home concepts want to make sure your outdoor living space not only looks good but also stands the test of time. We include a five-year warranty on all of our work. It is our practice to do a site visit one year after the project is complete to make sure that everything is holding up well and that there’s nothing we missed.

Want More Information?

If it sounds like Classic Home Concepts is the right fit for you and your project, we’d love to hear from you! You can fill out our web form here. You can also call us at (417) 315-8157.

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